About Bridgit

Bridgit Smith, while small in stature, is enormous at heart. She is passionate about seeing teen girls and women redeemed and relationships restored. Bridgit is authentic and transparent as she leads them to: 

    * Overcome brokenness by immersing their hearts in the promises of God
    * Develop tools to embrace their own exquisite beauty
    * Release the critical attitude and nurture a heart that loves
    * Experience the miraculous restoration of relationships
    * Identify the healing or hopeless whispers of their inner voices

Those who know Bridgit best refer to her as real and down to earth. With heartfelt truth, she shares God’s amazing grace and undeniable love for His daughters. Bridgit’s personal life journey includes a damaged marriage, shattered body image, and misguided stereotyping of others. Five years ago, God began to chip away at those stumbling blocks.  During what Bridgit refers to as her “second journey,” a time of breaking away from the obstacles in her first journey, God changed and rearranged her. He restored the marriage and used difficult and heart wrenching situations to remove her false pretenses, judgmental attitudes, and crippling intimidation. Ending the journey at a place of sincere honesty and freedom allows Bridgit to be the woman God designed her to be. And who is that?  She is a woman of grace who is still flawed yet seeks God’s face and seeks to love others. 

Bridgit can be outspoken, spontaneous, and random. Still a cheerleader at heart, she loves people and delights in rooting for those who are pursuing their dreams, striving for better lives, and growing in their relationships with Jesus. While her age and grown children discourage her from attempting a cheerleading flip, Bridgit is known to occasionally holler out a “Whoot! Whoot!”

Coming from a legacy of faith, Bridgit has spent much of her adult life serving in her church. She has experience in nursery, youth ministry, and in Women’s Ministry as director. While her children were in school and even now, she is a prayer warrior, and she has participated with the local Mom’s in Touch chapter. She and her husband Jim were involved with Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and today they teach couple’s Bible studies as well as mentor husbands and wives during their times of brokenness.

Bridgit is the proud twenty-eight year bride to Jim. Her record breaking cheerleading days were developed and honed while raising her family. Whether sitting on wooden bleachers, helping with homework, or sharing tears over the loss of a friendship, she has always been her children’s biggest fan.  She is “Mom” to five adult children, and she enjoys learning what it means to be called mother-in-law as she is simultaneously honored to be named Mamaw by her beloved grandson.


5 thoughts on “About Bridgit”

  1. Gracie,
    I have become a follower on twitter and just today read your blogs for a bit. You are doing a great thing – trying to follow God’s will for you and speak the truth to a hurting and confused world. Keep up the good work and allow God to continue to pour you out on those who read and follow. May 2010 be a blessed year for you. I am going to pick a scripture verse – (it’s my new resolution!) If you want to read what I am writing I have a ministry called Salt and clay ministries and my blog is at http://www.saltandclay.org/blog
    Blessings writing and blogging friend!
    sarah beckman

  2. Bridgit Boeve-Smith said:


    Thank you for your kind words and encouragment. I have added http://www.saltandclay.org/blog to my Google reader! I have a sense that I will be learning some things from you!

    Your Christmas sounded wonderful. What a hostess your sister must be!

    Let me know what your 2010 scripture verse is! I love to see what God is revealing to others as well.

    Happy New Year,

  3. Hi Gracie!
    Thank you for becoming a Twitter follower of Highlands Maternity Home and Life Center on the AG Family Services Agency Campus. Love your heart and message. That’s what Highlands is all about … God’s grace, mercy and restoration. We join you in this mission and message of love!

    • Mary,
      Thank you for visiting the blog!

      What an awesome ministry for young women and children! AG Family services is changing hearts and lifes! I pray God’s riches blessing on your ministry and the babies, children and women you serve.

      For my readers, here is a link to AG Family Services & Highlands Maternity home. http://agfamilyservices.org/


  4. Joshua.G13 said:

    Hi.. I’m Joshua.G13,, i dint know that you do a lot of service to the broken relationships… I’m glad.. And about me: i’m just a son of a indian carpenter… I love the love that stands for eternity the only sacrifice.

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